On being Ruthless

Traditionally we understand the term ‘ruthless’ as being without pity or compassion; a lack of care for the feelings of others. Many years ago I was introduced to another , less loaded, connotation. That being to do what needed doing quickly and effectively without any prevarication, self doubt or any self indulgent angst. It presupposed of course that the act was indeed necessary.

Nikon Z 14-30mm F4 S Review

Nikon Z 14-30mm f4 S Initial Impressions Review The brand new Nikon Z 14-30mm F4 S lens is finally arriving into circulation. I received mine this week and here are my initial findings. This is a lens with specifications that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago. Nikon have managed to combine an extreme wide angle zoom with compact size and the ability to mount conventional filters. The new Z mount together with ever improving optical designs and exotic elements and coatings have brought a product that sounds like the perfect wide angle zoom for many photographs. Read on to see how successful Nikon have been.

Netspex – Midge Protection

There are many ups and downs associated with landscape photography in the summer months including clear blue skies, high sun, harsh shadows and very early starts for dawn. However one of the biggest issues for those operating in the north of Britain is that of the midge. Milder, wetter winters will I suspect lead to more successful midge breeding and increasingly it seems that insects that once failed to survive hard frosts are now wintering through. Responses range from getting bitten to death and complaining about it to refusing to go out on still days.
Apr 24

Kingshouse Hotel – Glencoe

So close, and yet…. The Kingshouse has been around for 250 years and part of mountaineering history for a large part of that. The old hotel was an iconic building, perched on the moor at the entrance to Glencoe. However time, neglect and poor development had led to it becoming a mess. Many of those who opposed the redevelopment had, I suspect, not visited ( and certainly not stayed there) recently.  Apart from a nod to history, there was little to recommend it. The plans and the finished redevelopment have come in for a degree of opposition and many feel that the aesthetics are less than ideal and too little of the original building has been retained.

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Wellington Boots

Landscape photographers in the UK seem to be split into a number of groups when choosing footwear. Those that prefer to wear trainers or other non specialist footwear. Those who choose walking boots and those who prefer Wellingtons. These groups of course overlap according to location and conditions. Are these Hunter boots the best choice for Landscape Photographers? Read on

Lee 100 Filter Holder

There is the well used saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. There is however another useful phrase, ‘You cannot stand still. You either move forward or slide backward, there is no viable long term stationary position’. The Lee 100 Filter system is part of the history of image making; for many years it was the de facto choice for anyone who took the process seriously. The holder most Lee users own was introduced 25 years ago. Over recent years the competition has increased substantially and as so expertly proved by the British Motorcycle Industry in the 1960’s, complacency by any manufacturer, however strong, is fatal. In my view, Lee have evaluated an almost perfect product and sought to improve it. Have they succeeded? Read on.

Perfect Winter Glove?

For some years, I’ve been using what I found to be the perfect winter glove system. The original blog post can be found here. This winter I’ve been trying a variation and can recommend it without hesitation. I bought a pair of Heat Company Shell Gloves and have been using them over the past month. https://www.theheatcompany.com/en-gb/gloves/shell

NORTHWEST by Alex Nail – Go Big or go Home.

  I’m going to echo an introduction that I’ve used before. This isn’t a review of a book it is a response to it. It may only be semantics but review seems to suggest a level of judgement that I don’t feel qualified to claim. A creative work is produced with a ‘message’. That message isn’t always the one that is received by the audience. This is my response and may not be the message that was intended. 

Alpkit Compact Ultra II Walking Poles

I remember the first time I saw photographs of mountaineers in the Himalaya using ski sticks to aid walking. Jump forward 30 odd years and we now see them being used to aid walking along the streets in Lake District towns. They have become an almost essential ingredient in the ‘fashionable walking holiday wardrobe’.

A week with the Nikon Z7

Nikon Z7 Review I’ve owned this camera for a week now, supplied with excellent customer care by www.fixationuk.com  While I’ve no claim to be a super user nor have any overly technical insight, I do have a week’s worth of getting to know this new camera in situations that are common to most landscape photographers working in our typical wet, windy conditions. (I’m also keen to point out that I’m not trying to demonstrate mastery nor make any statements about my own competence. I’m simply trying to share experience in the hope that someone else may gain from it.)