Sep 11

New Arrival

Thanks to exceptionally speedy dispatch and distribution from Park Cameras my new lens arrived this week. It had been part of the plan to partner the D700 with one of these. Have taken all expected photos of living room and back garden and now looking forward to taking it out to play for real.
Sep 03

Photographic impressionism

Today I came across the website of Ted Leeming and Morag Patterson and was struck by their approach to impressionist photographs. They reminded me very much of some I made on Tiree last May. The crucial elements of what attracts me to the place is the combination of light, the land, the sea, the sand and those places where the sea shows the most stunning colours where is sits over sand. Perhaps our search for fine detail and sharpness takes us away from those eleme we find most appealing. There seem to be three main routes to producing these effects: De-focus, camera movement during exposure and manipulation in Photoshop. Horses for courses seems to be the moral and whichever approach gives the image you have in your head.
Sep 01

Time for a change

The new body arrived today from Ffordes ( A nearly new (2900 actuations) Nikon D700 full frame camera body to replace the D300 that I sold recently. As always, it arrived well packed by Ffordes and in exactly the described condition. A full review will follow. Some would say it is an odd time to invest as the replacement model will be out soon. I’m going right out on a limb with a suggestion that when the new model hits the shops this one will still make just as good photographs…