Cold wet winter

This weekend I finally took the plunge and tried to sort out keeping warm, dry and comfortable while waiting around for that shaft of sunlight. Courtesy of The Mountain Factor in Ambleside I now have a Paramo Halcon waterproof jacket. From the Keswick Boot Company I’ve ordered some neoprene lined wellies. I’m almost looking forward to a miserable weekend on the weather front to see if it all lives up to the hype and the price. Reviews on both will feature in the reviews section as soon as it’s all bedded in.

All change

How many things can you change all at once? We’ve moved the hosting of the site to a new server. Completely re-written the whole of Mountaineye and also added this WordPress based blog. Some days the sun just shines – all the moves have gone without a glitch. The domain transfer took place and the DNS servers re-pointed all within 24 hrs. The new host Raamweb are spot on and already providing customer support of the highest order. This wasn’t rushed at without caution. My other websites have gradually been moving over the past 3 months and the reassurance I’ve had was sufficient to move the main site over.

The bag cupboard

They say, like with tree rings, that you can estimate the length of a photographic career by the number of bags. This seems to hold true and many of us have a cupboard like the one above. What stands out  here is that this follows the ‘clear out to end all clear outs’ last year in which the pages of Ebay were littered with cast offs, mistaken buys and those that seemed perfect at the time but just never seemed to get used. I wondered if some form of retrospective might enable a rounded view of the current state of play. The cupboard isn’t even as full as it might be. there is a Think Tank holster in the car and a Lowepro Rover in the post. There is also of course the usual set of saved web pages listing what may be the next perfect bag or the next mistake. Some things hold true – buy cheap, buy twice is one. there really is no point messing about with cheap fall apart bags as you end up spending more in the end. There is also the very clear rule forgotten by many that there is no such thing as […]