Nov 27


One of the places I like most in the Dales is the valley of Kingsdale. Given that the whole Yorkshire Dales is something of a honeypot it is a comparatively quiet place especially given it’s proximity to the A65. Kingsdale is well known to the caving world but far less often visited by those venturing above ground. This tree grows out of the limestone on the steep ascent from the valley bottom to the Turbary Road. Apart from a dramatic shape and a decent sky, what appealed is the echo of the shape of the tree in the clouds. This is a delicate area, too close an echo or an exact mirror and we are talking amusing images in Readers’ Digest. This has just the right degree of similarity for it to appeal rather than seem bizarre. For me, this image works, I like it.


Castlerigg Visted Castlerigg stone circle today with a picture of the stones against the southern aspect. Couldn’t find the view I had that captured the circle so decided to just go with a  single stone. Doesn’t give any sense of the circle but makes for a nice moody image anyway. I do like the way that the shape of Helvellyn behind is echoed in the top of the stone.