Time and Tide

Time and tide, as they say, wait for no man. I’ve just made the effort to check times, got up early, made my way down to the sea to work on a particular image only to find I’ve made a mistake. Not only was the tide not high but it was virtually out and getting lower. I was there last night but ended up coming home after  a very frustrating hour. The cold was so intense that the pain in my hands became unbearable. On top of this the wind was so strong that it was lifting the tripod (+D700, lens and bag hooked on below) to the extent that I had to hold on during the 2m45s exposures. One of those times when maybe the ultra thin, lightweight carbon fibre legs might have been better made of cast iron. There is a danger in pre-visualisation as today when I couldn’t make the image I had in  my mind, nothing else would come and there was no flow.
Feb 17

Eastern shores

Just back from a brief visit to North Berwick. I’d gone to visit some local beaches and with a picture of the tidal pool in mind. In my defence the tide was against me and the image I made was ok’ish. However I was brought up very short when I happened to look in the window of the art shop on the high street. I was stopped in my tracks by one of the most remarkable pictures I have ever seen. They are the ones that fall some way between inspiring and making me want to throw it all out and take up stamp collecting. The photograph was by Colin I Homes. I just stood and stared and wished it had been mine. On searching for his work I came across his website  and discovered a huge body of marvellous images. I also discovered that he runs courses and am currently investigating.
Feb 06

Into the mist

Having snowed hard most of Sat the forecast for Sunday was thick mist. Time to take the camera up onto Sizergh Fell not far from our house. I set off to visit the boulders previously shown but caught the composition while looking around the area. Tree alone didn’t offer much, sheep alone were just, well- sheep. Together, for me, something works about this image. It almost seemed as though the two sheep had posed there deliberately to balance the image. I like this image a lot. The Fell is a very special place, full of ancient echoes and somehow this picture captures something of the mystery. D700, 16-35mm, 0.6 Grad ND.