Refining the process

This image was made three weeks ago. The revised workflow that I came back with has begun to change the nature of the output. The combination of CS5 and Silver Efex Pro has begun to allow me to produce the image that I had in my head. The initial RAW file came out of a Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35mm VR and Lee Big Stopper.  

Workshop impact

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I suppose the saying holds true. I enjoyed my time with Colin Homes enormously and would recomend it without hesitation. However in good management speak, what has been the impact and what did I learn? Some aspects were reassuring in terms of my existing practice and my general camera craft stood up reasonably well. I’ve not long been using the Lee Big Stopper so some aspects of handling that were brushed up. The first part that Colin addressed with us was exposure. This came as a bit of a surprise as I’m reasonably adept at getting well exposed images with a  good range of tones. However whether it is due to growing up with colour transparency film or not I have  always feared over exposure. Colin pushed us to get our histogram as far to the right as possible I’ve seen this expressed as ETTR (Exposure to the right). I’ve never worked that way in the past but seeing files produced have converted. He also taught me to make use of RAW files. I’ve never been that bothered but working in RAW was a revelation. The final part of […]

Lessons learned.

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and signed up for a Coastal Landscape photography course. There is an enormous industry out there of people offering to take your photography to a new level and in many cases with not that much to demonstrate that their photography is at any special level. I’ve always viewed such offerings with a degree of skepticism. Out of the blue, when visiting the delightful seaside town of North Berwick, I was literally stopped dead in my tracks while passing the local art shop. In the window was a huge framed print of the image to the left. I just stood and stared. It was a Sunday and the shop was shut so i did what anyone would do, photographed it on the iPhone and took a note of his name to investigate further. The photographer is Colin Homes and when I discovered that he was running courses, I was hooked. Here was someone taking images I’d kill to have taken and ready and willing to show me how. The booking was made and I duely spent a fantastic day with him a couple of weeks ago. The day began with an overview of […]