Tiree #4

A second image from Salum. This time with a much simpler composition. Fewer clouds and trying to eliminate as much as possible expect the three bits of land above the sea. The right hand is sadly attached, I think the whole image would have worked better if it had been three separate distinct islands, but you have what you have.
Aug 21


Back to the Broch at Vaul today with just the little Nikon. I was thinking about simplified seascapes. The final choice has just one point of foreground interest and relies upon the fabulous clouds to carry the image. Less is more, the question will be how much less I can achieve.
Aug 21

Tiree #2

After a disappointing afternoon I went down to the tiny beach nearby. Here I went some way towards that more simplified composition. The light was fascinating and combined with the long shutter speed, produced an image that almost seems to be lit artificially. I’m pleased with this image and I think it keeps me on track. I’m tempted to think that it would have been better without the large rock to the left? I’ll return soon as that little cove has more to give I think.
Aug 20

Tiree #1

This is already proving difficult. I’m struggling for simplified compositions already. Whether this is due to tides or seduction by the big vistas I’m not sure. I am to some extent influenced by the paintings of Colin Woodcock who runs Blue Beyond, the gallery on Tiree. he seems to capture the very magic that I see on this island. Many of my images, have an echo of his work. There is something about the combination of the blue sky, blue sea, topaz sea over sand and the pure white shell sands that reaches deep inside me. However, I know what I must do – simplify, simplify, simplify. Somehow while still keeping a  sense of the place to lock the images to this island. I’m pretty sure I will be more successful at higher tides, but time will tell. The day is brightening with some patches of blue starting to stake a claim to the immense skies. Nowhere I’ve ever been has skies that appear so large. 
Aug 16

Heading North

The bags are packed and we’re heading north tomorrow morning. The destination is the Hebridean Island of Tiree via an afternoon in Glencoe /on Rannoch Moor. It’s ten years since I’ve been to Glencoe and despite an exceptionally poor weather forecast, I’m looking forward to being there. The following week will be spent on Tiree. I am determined to look at both places with fresh eyes. Despite an annual visit to Tiree, my photography making has shifted dramatically this year and I’m hoping for a new lease of life on the island. Just about everything has changed since I was last there. New equipment, new inspirations and nearly all my best work has occurred in the last 12 months. My goals, against which I will be judged on return are simplicity in composition, new variants on old locations and new viewpoints found. I’m going to be thinking in colour and black and white and will be looking for opportunities for long exposures. On any domestic trip, a balance has to be struck between photography and more ‘normal’ human shared enjoyment. It is 15 months since I was last there ( the annual Whit trip being lost due to emergency eye surgery) and […]