Lowe Alpine Convert Mitts Review

Just finished a review of some excellent winter mitts for photographers. Here.


Over the Christmas vacation we made our way down to ‘That London’ to visit the Royal Maritime Museum. This was not the result of a sudden bout of naval curiosity but because in answer to prayer they were hosting an exhibition of prints by Ansel Adams. To many he is the grandfather of landscape photography and his pioneering work in the last century forms the bedrock of much that is great today. Until this week I had never seen an original print in the flesh and my knowledge was gleaned from books, calendars, posters and the internet. Arriving after a delightful boat journey from Embankment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The collection was advertised as a selected view of those aspects of his work that were associated with water. I like water but was prepared for not seeing many of my particular favourites. I was also braced for a pretty limited selection. Both fears proved to be spectacularly unfounded. The exhibition was HUGE and only compromised by the decision not to issue timed tickets but to allow a free for all. There was considerable jostling and it made the process more difficult than it should have been. The prints […]