May 21


First they change Flickr in a desperate attempt to make it ‘cool’. The new photostream is an abomination. Now to cap it all, they seem to have broken it. That’s not very ‘cool’ at all is it? It is crawling along, presumably creaking under the weight of all the users trying to make their images look less awful…..
May 19

Long Exposure Solution

This week I yet again managed to drop a remote control into water . The tripod was set up mid stream to make  a long exposure image of some local waterfalls. One minute all is going well, the next I’m fishing delicate electronic equipment out of the beck. I decided I’d done this once too often and set about a solution. (‘Just be more careful’, I can almost hear my mother say…). For those of us who enjoy making very long exposures, often running into several minutes, a remote release with timer is essential. I carry two (one spare as I seem to keep breaking them), both of similar design. The solution was so simple, most photographers probably use it already (or they’re just more careful than I). The answer has been to simply create a loop in the remote cable using a bit of sticky tape. Placing the loop near the control end allows the control to be hung from any suitable part of the tripod or head. This keeps the electronics up near the tripod head and not trailing in the water. Problem solved.