Sep 23

Never say never

My previous post was more of a hopeless voice crying out in the wilderness. A lone individual arguing against the flawed wisdom of a huge multinational corporation. I was lamenting the unwillingness of the huge company to listen to the lone, insignificant customer. I now have to eat my words. Adobe have not just listened to me but have bent over backwards to resolve my issues. They made contact, apologised, offered a solution and made it happen. I take it all back. perhaps sometimes really huge companies do listen to individuals. Well done Adobe, greatly appreciated.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Programme

I am all but speechless. Adobe announced some time ago that Creative Cloud had arrived. This effectively means that you can no longer buy a piece of software but now we have to rent it forever and if we were rash enough to stop renting, our products / images could no longer be opened. The costs Adobe came up with we’re getting on for £50 per month. Last month the penny began to drop that their customer base was voting with feet and giving a traditional doubled fingered sign of displeasure. This however is not the really clueless bit….