Jan 28

Top Gloves

  Santa brought some inspirational Christmas presents this year. I’d even suspect he might have looked at my Amazon wish list…..

Lee Seven5 storage solution

  A quick Google of cases and storage solutions for the Lee Seven5 filter system swiftly reveals many people seeking in vain for a sensible way of keeping their filters safe when in the camera bag.
Jan 04

New Year, New Resolution, New Camera…

Just before the end of 2013, I bit the bullet and ditched all my Nikon DX kit in favour of a nice shiny Fuji X-Pro 1. This leaves me with the Nikon FX setup (back of cupboard in the really huge/heavy bag..) compact cameras and the Fuji. The Fuji has the 14mm/18mm/35mm and 18-55mm lenses. All seem good but I’m not yet sure which are functionally redundant or whether all will stay.