Horses for Courses

There is no single answer to the question of which is the best camera nor of which camera should I pick up on the way out. Like cars, motorbikes, campervans etc. There is only the best choice for that occasion. As with tripods I tend to think initially in terms of small, medium and large. These are relevant in terms of other considerations such as distance being walked, height gained, other kit being carried and whether the focus of the day is predominantly photography or whether it is more  case of having a camera with you on the off chance.

Early days

In the house where I was a small child there were always family photograph albums. What made them slightly different was that I knew most of them had been taken, developed and printed by my father. At maybe 7 or 8 years old

Big Move

    Its been a while but at last its time to move from the old hand crafted website to a more modern looking responsive site based on the ubiquitous WordPress. Having ‘grown up’ writing my sites by hand it is a challenge to have to bend and stretch an existing product into shape.

Style Guru

I was paid a very kind compliment today regarding a recently made photograph. The kind observation was that it was very much in the style of a very famous landscape photographer- a genuine household name. This got me thinking about a question that has vexed me for a very long time. What is my style? The sub question is inevitably, ‘and should I have one?’ There are many photographers including most (though not all) of the best who have an almost instantly recognisable style.