An X-T2 Wishlist

            More or less on time, Fuji announced the much anticipated X-Pro 2. While many were engaged with this event others of us noted that it was the hoped for stepping stone on the way to our hoped for X-T2 camera. Our own instinct, supplemented by the usual (Industry spnsored…) rumour mill is that the successor to the X-T1 will emerge later this year, we hope in June or thereabouts. Despite the praise lavished on the rangefinder versions, their ‘Pro’ designation and price point at the top of the range, I preferred my XT to the XPro. It felt a little like the impact that the OM1 and OM2 made on the full size pro bodies in the 70’s. I’m pretty happy with the x-T1 but it does have a combination of niggles, annoyances and some limitations. What then is my own personal wishlist for the XT? Sensor: We have the 24MP sensor in the XPro, this is a given now I would say. Performace: If the XT matches the Pro the results should be perfectly acceptable Battery Life: I want greater battery life but it would seem that Fuji are guiding us to make […]


I am perhaps far too interested in gloves, I may seek treatment….. I own a lot of gloves and have owned a vast number of pairs over the last 40 years or so. Those of us who spend a lot of time in the mountains have lots of gloves. Photographers have lots of gloves. I’m not sure whether photographers who spend time in the mountains have those numbers added together or multiplied.