I’ve experienced a bit of an epiphany this week. Following a number of chance interactions it seems that people have been looking at my website and on at least a few occasions, actually reading it. Despite the substantial amount of work out in, it still comes as a bit of a surprise. Part of the reason for this surprise is that for the last two years, every single print sale or workshop has come from either Facebook or Twitter; buyers and clients have only gone to the website after their initial interest has been confirmed. The immediate consequence

Goldilocks again

I suspect the Goldilocks concept is quite deeply ingrained within me. In essence it represents the view that for any given purpose, no single item will suffice and at least three will be required. This seems to work for all manner of things – for any task one solution will be too big/heavy, one too small and one just right. Vary the task or the context and one of the others becomes perfect.

Sleeklens Photoshop Actions

Recently I was sent a set of PS Actions for evaluation. They were sent free on the basis that I would try them and write a review. I’ve had the opportunity to try most if not all of the many options that they offer. First I should point out that the use of actions does not sit particularly comfortably with my normal way of working; I don’t even create my own presets and tend to process each image ‘longhand’ and from scratch. From the start, the install is straightforward