A week with the Nikon Z7

Nikon Z7 Review I’ve owned this camera for a week now, supplied with excellent customer care by www.fixationuk.com  While I’ve no claim to be a super user nor have any overly technical insight, I do have a week’s worth of getting to know this new camera in situations that are common to most landscape photographers working in our typical wet, windy conditions. (I’m also keen to point out that I’m not trying to demonstrate mastery nor make any statements about my own competence. I’m simply trying to share experience in the hope that someone else may gain from it.)

Nikon Z7 First Impressions

I hate being an early adopter. I never buy stuff on the first day. I resent being an unpaid beta tester. I’d much rather wait until the teething problems have been sorted. Until now…. My Nikon Z7 arrived this morning. Without wishing to rehash my leaving Fuji post, I’ve just sold all my Fuji kit and invested in Nikon’s brand new full frame mirrorless offering. I’m looking forward to getting to know this camera. There are already issues of course, as I realised there would be from the very outset. Jumping early always involves some pain, my intent is to get that pain out of the way as quickly as possible.
Oct 01

Some hours in a hole in the ground

I have a bit of a mantra that I trot out on 1:1 ‘s or in conversations, debates etc. I’m happy to share a perspective and share my approach. I’m never an advocate of expressing a view that this or that is the ‘right way’ or ‘best way’ of approaching any aspect of what we do. A little non harmful anarchy can be a good thing. I’m not an evangelist for any approach, philosophy, technique or piece of equipment. The only situation where I’ll take a firm stance is on an approach to avoiding damaging the very beauty we come to look at or photograph.