Netspex – Midge Protection

There are many ups and downs associated with landscape photography in the summer months including clear blue skies, high sun, harsh shadows and very early starts for dawn. However one of the biggest issues for those operating in the north of Britain is that of the midge. Milder, wetter winters will I suspect lead to more successful midge breeding and increasingly it seems that insects that once failed to survive hard frosts are now wintering through. Responses range from getting bitten to death and complaining about it to refusing to go out on still days.
Apr 24

Kingshouse Hotel – Glencoe

So close, and yet…. The Kingshouse has been around for 250 years and part of mountaineering history for a large part of that. The old hotel was an iconic building, perched on the moor at the entrance to Glencoe. However time, neglect and poor development had led to it becoming a mess. Many of those who opposed the redevelopment had, I suspect, not visited ( and certainly not stayed there) recently.  Apart from a nod to history, there was little to recommend it. The plans and the finished redevelopment have come in for a degree of opposition and many feel that the aesthetics are less than ideal and too little of the original building has been retained.

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Wellington Boots

Landscape photographers in the UK seem to be split into a number of groups when choosing footwear. Those that prefer to wear trainers or other non specialist footwear. Those who choose walking boots and those who prefer Wellingtons. These groups of course overlap according to location and conditions. Are these Hunter boots the best choice for Landscape Photographers? Read on