Goldilocks again

I suspect the Goldilocks concept is quite deeply ingrained within me. In essence it represents the view that for any given purpose, no single item will suffice and at least three will be required. This seems to work for all manner of things – for any task one solution will be too big/heavy, one too small and one just right. Vary the task or the context and one of the others becomes perfect. This manifests itself in tripods as can be read here.

The current context is Camera Backpacks. I don’t for a moment believe that these are the only or even the best way to carry cameras but for some occasions that cannot be beaten. For a consideration of the different methods for carrying cameras, click here. This week saw the arrival of the final piece in the F-Stop bag trilogy. Against all odds, given the awful supply issues, I managed to source an F-stop Sukha photo backpack this week. Despite the sever limitations in efficiency of this company they conspire to make what I believe to be the very best photo backpacks available. Their ability to accept interchangeable inserts is a real winning feature. The quality of construction and design are without parallel. Until this bag I owned a Tilopa for mainstream use and a Lokha UL for lightweight or High level. While the Tilopa comfortably holds a camera body, three lenses, filters etc the remaining space for outdoor gear is too small for winter or long days. The Sukha, while only being used for the same amount of camera kit initially allows much more space for a down jacket, flask, food etc. On occasions it will also allow for an extra lens or two to be carried for specific purposes. The ability to swap ICU’s means that the smallest ICU which I use for the little Fuji can be put into the biggest bag leaving even more room for warm gear or camping equipment.

The inability of F-stop to supply regularly and to meet their own delivery promises means considerable patience is needed to deal with them. We’re the product any less good the balance would not be worth it, however the bags are so good it is just about worth the effort. My preferred route for purchase is Paramo UK who despite limited stocks manage to provide accurate stock information and to deliver in timely fashion. Some may not be aware that in addition or in place off the normal retail route through the shop, Paramo also sell on EBay via Paramoextras. If any reader is looking for a particular item it is well worth setting up an EBay search – this was the mechanism that produced this Sukha when no stock was indicated anywhere.

I can only envisage this bag performing at least as well as the other two but I will provide an in depth review once I’ve used it for a decent length of time.


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