A quick Google of cases and storage solutions for the Lee Seven5 filter system swiftly reveals many people seeking in vain for a sensible way of keeping their filters safe when in the camera bag.

This is particularly so when one owns a rare and valuable Lee Big Stopper which, being glass, is prone to emerging from the camera bag in pieces. Lee themselves have no sensible offering and the alternative manufacturers have yet to decided that the numbers warrant the design and investment in new products.

It is easy to find a huge case and even easier to find something that lack the necessary protective qualities. However there seems to be not a  single advertised, usable solution.

Enter the humble 2.5″ external hard drive case, These are sold for a few pounds on the usual sites and to me seem to do the job very well until a more specialist item appears. One half of the clam shell holds adapter rings while the other holds at least three and perhaps as many as five Lee Seven5 filters. There is little wasted space and I think just about enough protection for the glass filters. I would prefer a specialised model that holds the filters separately and without their Lee wraps but for now this seems a great solution. if anyone has found a better solution, I’d be really keen to hear.

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