FramesA new batch of prints have just arrived from Paul Grundy. There are those would would argue that you haven’t created a photograph until you have printed it. I’m not sure I agree to that extreme view but I would argue that if you print your photograph to a high quality, there is a huge added dimension to it. I print small copies at home but for anything bigger that A4 I send them to Paul Grundy at UKV.

There is a wonderful tactile quality to the matt prints he produces. They are objects that make me want to hold them, touch them and they even smell good. The depth he achieves is breathtaking. It even seems at times a pity to put them behind glass, such is the surface finish. This is not High Street budget printing but it is without doubt worth every single penny.

Update May 2017: Sadly Paul Grundy is no longer making prints and is enormously missed by a great many photographers.

I now send my files to Loxley at They offer a high quality Giclee printing service on a range of papers including the marvellous Hahnemuhle range. Their quality and service are outstanding and whether by luck or good management, their colours match what I see on my monitor to perfection.

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