I live on the edge of the English Lake District and balance my time between family life and landscape photographs. Despite living and working in such a beautiful part of the world, I am also drawn whenever possible to Scotland. I’m in my element in the natural places and enjoy the extremes of weather found in this part of the world. I’m not drawn to sunsets or sunny days with blue skies. I like the high ground and to be away from the busy places. I find a meditative peace in simply being in a quiet place, if I end up with a photograph that is a bonus.

After 30 years in education I now follow my interest full time and most days see me somewhere in the Lakes or Dales with a camera. When I leave the Lakes, my primary photographic locations are the islands and west coast of Scotland along with Venice. I keep returning to Venice, the most beautiful city in the world and a photographer’s paradise.

The images presented are exclusively digitally produced using Nikon and Fuji cameras and lenses. Thoughts about equipment, workflow and general musings are found within the blog.

Landscape Photography Ethics Code

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I am proud to be a member of the Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers. This is a collective of like minded Landscape Photographers who exhibit a particular passion for the landscapes of Scotland.




I am a member of the Nature First Alliance. I place the highest priority on minimising the impact we photographers have on the landscape. 






Shortlisted 2019