New Fotospeed Papers
I recently received two boxes of paper sent by Fotospeed for me to try and then review. Given the vagaries of colour perception, lighting, compression and variations in monitors ( not to mention different printer outputs) , it seems pointless to waste time and space showing heavily compressed jpegs that concentrate on colour reproduction. I plan therefore to concentrate on other properties of these papers.
A Fuji Wishlist
Fuji are one of the few camera makes who do just occasionally give the impression that they are prepared to react to customers’ wishes. I thought I’d offer my wishlist in the full knowledge that it will have zero effect. It does however provide a context in which I can focus my own thoughts.  First please note the title is ‘Wishlist’ not ‘Which items should Fuji produce which will be the most successful and bring the most financial gain….’.
Which lenses for Venice?
Which lenses for Venice? This is  a question that is often asked and even more frequently ruminated upon by those heading off to Venice for the first time. Experience generally informs subsequent trips but only if honest reflection is undertaken and heads lead rather than hearts. 
Breakthrough X4 77mm ND64 Filter Review – Part 1
Breakthrough X4 77mm ND Filter Review – Part One. There’s more to life than looks of course but it is difficult to avoid forming a first impression. From the moment I opened the box, this filter created two impressions. It looked like a high end piece of engineering and it stood apart from the crowd. Such an attention to detail by a manufacturer sends an instant message. ‘We know what we’re doing and we believe it is important to do it right’.
Jan 27
Every step you take, every move you make
          I hope the length of this piece doesn’t imply it is anything more than it is. In the same way that language enables thinking, for me, writing enables me to organise my thoughts. I’ve just been having a bit of a think, nothing more. Two major outcomes have emerged in the past 20 years for Landscape Photography, largely I would suggest, as a direct result of the emergence of the internet, the growth of Social Media and the advent of Digital Photography. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people enjoying the process of making Landscape (as opposed to holiday) Images. It has become substantially easier to discover locations in which such images can be made.
Jan 23
Landscape Photographic icons – should we follow the tracks or should we avoid them? The first and most pertinent answer in my opinion is that we ought first remove the use of the word ‘should’. The photographic ‘written word, whether it be books, blogs, forum posts, is far too full of advice telling us what we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do.
Little by little
Today was  another day devoted mainly to the 24mm PC-e lens. I set off for one of my very favourite places, Deepdale. This is a lonely valley accessed from the road to Patterdale. Despite easy access, very few people make their way there in comparison with the standard Lakes honey pots. In 7 hours I only saw one walker heading up the valley. This provided an interruption and distraction free time in which to develop greater experience with this challenging lens.
Jan 08
Aiguille Alpine Stratus Rucksack
Aiguille Alpine Stratus Review I have a number of specialised photo rucksacks from the American company F-Stop. As a way of transporting camera equipment when that is the prime intention they are unparallelled in my opinion. However when spending time in the high fells during winter, their ability to carry other necessary equipment leaves something to be desired. Under these circumstances I have tended to use a specialist hill sack and fit a modest amount of camera equipment in.
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Jan 05
Intimate Landscapes
Perhaps I’m the last human on the planet to discover this, but if not…. The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) have a free copy in pdf form of Eliot Porter’s wonderful photographs ‘Intimate Landscapes’
Dec 28
Nikon 24mm f3.5 PC-e Tutorials
There are only a small number of articles that genuinely give solid advice on using this lens. There is a common view that there is ‘nothing out there’. After much searching I’ve found a few links and these are added below. If you know of a link I’ve missed, do get in touch and it can be added for the benefit of all.
New Year Resolutions #2
Some resolutions are too personal to share but others relate to the professional side of life and may indeed be improved by sharing. This list will be added to or amended over the coming days as thoughts develop. It is not currently in order of importance or any other hierarchy.
Dec 27
New Year Resolutions #1
I tend not to wait for New Year to make resolutions but the period of calm between Christmas and the end of the year provides a perfect opportunity to reflect and make decisions. Some of those decisions are appropriate to share, others not. This one is public. I’ve decided to keep a sketch book this year
Dec 27
This time, it’s serious
After an abortive foray into Tilt &Shift a few months ago, it’s time to have another go. In May I bought a Nikon 24mm f3.5 PC-e lens. After about a month of pain, I sold it again and bought a Zeiss 25mm f2. I spent hours trying to coax satisfactory images out of the Nikon to no avail. To this day I’m not sure where the problem lay but by the end of the month the lens was preventing rather than enabling pictures.