For some time I have been offering 1:1 workshops.

Such workshops are the ideal solution for those looking to take their photography to the next level. More can be learned in person by seeing, doing and talking than will ever be gained from reading guides and manuals. Each session is entirely bespoke and I will contact you first to establish exactly what you would like to gain from our sessions.

These can be from half a day to a week. The aspects most often requested are:


  • Understanding exposure and camera settings
  • Colour and Monochrome Landscape Photography
  • Getting the basics right – attention to detail
  • Filters – what to use and when
  • Long Exposure Photography

1:1 single day workshops are generally run in the Lake District but other areas can be organised by arrangement. Longer workshops can be organised to visit other key areas such as Glencoe, Skye or Harris.

In addition to visiting some of the most photogenic sites in the Lakes I am happy to construct days for those who have mobility difficulties.

For those who would like to venture into the wilder (better?) areas of the Lakes I hold a Mountain Leader Certificate and am happy to construct a day that is spent in wild country or on the high fells.

[On any of the beginners courses there will be the unforgettable opportunity to see first hand the ‘Baked Bean Tin of Light’….]


Costs: A single day 1:1 in the lake District costs £195. A half day is available at £100. Courses of longer duration and further afield are priced individually. The full day course can be filled with instruction and visits to multiple photo locations or split between taking pictures in the morning followed by on site processing in the afternoon. For the processing I make use of a small motorhome equipped with a PC and Lightroom/Photoshop. We can therefore provide a full workflow in a single day.

For more information why not download the full leaflet here (TBA)

When choosing a provider, it is worth considering a full picture of the service they provide. All the attributes below apply to my courses, you may wish to check with other providers whether they can match them.

  • Over 40 years photographic experience including film and darkroom
  • Over 25 years teaching experience my aim is to improve your photography (not to show off…)
  • I reside in the Lake District
  • Qualified Mountain Leader and ex Mountain Rescue Team member
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Full DBS certificate ( assures of suitability to work with young people, vulnerable people etc)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Clean driving licence