Despite the more common term of ‘Post Processing’, I prefer to use the more simple, ‘Processing’. I am completely against any notion that any one  practice is right, wrong or better. In my view the key is to make images that please you. There is a case for honesty; if you add a different sky, be up front about it. I don’t add different skies and only very rarely would consider combining two files into one. I find that if those are the solutions, I’m already fighting a rearguard action and time is better spent moving on. Processing then is whatever you need to do to a digital image file to make it look the way it did in your head when you made the exposure.


In my case the ‘whatever you need to do’ mostly replicates the techniques I learned in the traditional wet darkroom and includes control of exposure, contrast and dodging and burning.


I AM NOT A PHOTOSHOP EXPERT : When I talk about passing on Processing skills I tend to prefer the term sharing rather than teaching. I’ll share the way I work, pass on what I’ve learned but like many, I use a very small part of the Photoshop suite and only those aspects which help me make photographs the way I want them to look. My processing software of choice is Photoshop CC. I use Lightroom for image management and catalogue facilities but prefer a workflow through Photoshop. In contrast to many other photographers, I find it simpler and more in tuitive for my purposes. Virtually every technique is replicate across the two packages so many of the same principles apply of course.


If you would like to learn about my processing, I offer a number of alternatives:

  • Day package of a morning’s Shooting following by an afternoon processing. This takes place on location and makes use of a small motorhome for the processing work. Three hours workshop and three hours processing either side of a lunch break. £175.
  • Half day processing – usually using the motorhome again but other arrangements are possible including working with you at your home. £100
  • I am also happy to construct bespoke sessions working on the general rule of £35 per hour.

If you’d like to see a little more about my processing workflow, follow the link here